Pictionary is Design

Logo process

Every tradesmen- or tradeswoman in this case- has their own tricks of the trade. I though I would share with you what goes on in my head when I’m designing a logo or just designing.

I’ve learnt that the easiest way to find inspiration is from myself. Thinking back to something I used to do, and apply it to something I do today. While going down memory lane thinking all the way back to when I was a little girl lying on the floor surrounded by all sorts of toys, books and crayons. I realised that designing is just like playing Pictionary (Pictionary is a guessing game in which players attempt to identify words from pictures drawn by other players). You draw a picture, did they guess it? If yes, You win. If no, then you erase it and draw it again, or just point repeatedly at the same picture.

To me a simple definition of designing is to problem solve. In Pictionary you are given a word at random that you have to illustrate, and in the ‘big’ world that is called the clients brief. That word could be an exciting word or it could be a dull boring word but that is your word and you have to stick with it. After a few seconds of receiving the word your brain mentally digests it, collecting all the ridiculous, important, dumb, clever, useless and creative ideas, and of course getting rid of the boring predictable solutions. Once that light bulb appears on top of your head you start drawing using simple shapes- Can your opponent guess it? if yes, then stop and you win with 5,2 seconds to spare (in logo design, less is more). If it hasn’t been guessed yet, keep drawing, adding style, colour and detail until the opponent guesses it. And success- YOU WIN!

As creatives, we need to keep finding new ways of staying inspired. But, that doesn’t always mean looking towards someone else for inspiration. Sometimes your inspiration is from yourself of 10 years ago. Try going back to something that used to feel so familiar to you. You will be surprised how it changes your perspective of a simple process like creating a logo on a day to day basis.


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