A picture is worth a thousand words: Day 8. Release your inner beast


Day 8. Release your inner beast

We are all born with a beast inside us but as we get older we let fear take control. Fear asks questions like what if I fail? What if I look stupid? And fear stars telling you not to do it, so fear locks that beast in a cage. I realized that if I wait until I am ready, it will never happen. I learnt that you will never be ready, no one is 100% ready for anything but if you take the chance you will realize that I isn’t as bad as you think and the more you do it the more your beast knocks on the door.

We are all capable of allowing our beast to come out and play. Releasing your beast is the process of being mentally and physically stronger. The beast is the practical and goal minded side that wants to make things happen by challenging you to grow and improve.

I decided it was time to release my beast as I was psyching myself up for a week of intense activity (Well in my opinion). I didn’t have time to let fear take over and the only way my little legs would keep up was to release the beast within me, after all it was the beat in me that said yes to all of the challenges. My week of intense activity consisted of a hike in the Drakensberg, Orienteering and an adventure race. Now think about doing half of that but with stiff legs, not the stiff as in “I poke my leg and ouch” stiff as in the “thought of going upstairs upsets me.”

It started with a 3 day 50km extreme hike in the Drakensberg, every time I hike in the Drakensberg I am stiff for about a week because we have never learnt to pay attention the word extreme on the route guide. 2 days later I did a night metrogaine orienteering where we covered a distance of about 10km in an hour. It was actually hilarious because I couldn’t even walk never mind run, with every step I took a little squeal came out of my mouth, but at least my partner (male partner may I add) was feeling the same so we went limping down the road together. 2 days after that I did a 25km adventure race and the day before that I was at a beer fest carbo-loading. Thanks to the beast in me I survived.

Let your beast roam free and stop letting your fear limit what you can accomplish. Your beast is the true you. It has been inside you your entire life, just waiting for you to face your fear and unlock the cage, let your best out and show the world how awesome you are.


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