A picture is worth a thousand words: Day 9. I don’t miss you, I just wish you were here


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Day 9. I don’t miss you, I just wish you were here

This is an image I drew when I was not on an adventure. This involves an adventure my boyfriend went on. Jason with 4 other South Africans headed off to Russia to climb Mt Elbrus; the highest mountain in Europe (Yes Russia is not in Europe but the mountain is). With their thermals, ice picks and crampons ready they hiked 5642m on a cold, long and strenuous 5 day hike. First they hiked 4700m up Pastukhov rocks and back down to 3400m to acclimatize, and then they hit the ultimate Mt Elbrus, which they spent months preparing for, doing many Drakensberg training hikes and buying all the special equipment that is not very easy to get in sunny South Africa. The route is not technically difficult but there have been many deaths because of the bad weather, on their trip they witnessed a man lose his footing and slid about 300m down a slope, he fortunately only had bruised ribs and a broken ankle but still had to walk kilometers back down the mountain on it. The group walked very slowly because of the lack of oxygen, for every step they took, they had to take 3 deep breaths. It was very difficult to walk through the deep snow as they sunk almost knee deep for every step. At night they slept in big Tin cans with about 12 people in it to get shelter from the snow. For many of the days the weather was very bad and misty, but they were lucky enough to have a nice clear day when they reached the summit, perfect to see the spectacular view that not many people have and will see, I have climbed high mountains but I cannot even begin to imagine the view they saw. After a few minutes of excitement and man tears they had to descend because the air was too thin to stay very long. Congratulations guys you reached the top of the world.


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