It’s really nice of you to take the time to stop by. You’re probably here because you love creating your own masterpiece? Fabulous! Me too. I absolutely LOVE to combine great, original design with playful embellishments. 

Oliver Illustration specialises in PRINTABLE DIY PAPER CRAFTS, perfect for keeping the kids busy.


Oliver Illustration has a wide variety of Oliver Printable’s for sale. Stunning wall art to brighten up any room or class room, perfect for children or adults. There are also Printable Build-A-Oliver’s to create using your own creativity, many DIY projects to choose from.

Everything on this website is meant to be bought and printed at home, its perfect, you receive it almost immediately, no delivery fees, no waiting weeks for your print and anyone in the world can buy it.

Browse through the shop and pick any Oliver to be your companion, trust me you’ll love him!

Have a look at my blog to see what other projects I have been working on.

Working hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm CAT


Here at Oliver Illustration you can purchase and print:

Oliver wall illustrations

Build-A-Oliver Origami

Build-A-Oliver Doodle cards

Build-A-Oliver Bookmarks

And so much more!


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